I met Sam TwoHawks a little over a year ago at this point, and was in a transitional and fairly dark place in my life. I had been involved in the psychological and spiritual communities for quite some time, but felt as if I had run out of new answers and information to apply to my life, health and process. Thankfully I was about to find my powerful shaman and friend Sam before it was too late. She has opened my eyes and the eyes of my family to a world full of new and ancient possibility. Sam’s medicine sticks are beacons of light illuminating the darkness. I recently took a trip to Cincinnati Ohio to visit a community there. Things began to go somewhat differently than planned and many dark forces approached me during my stay. Sam’s medicine stick was thankfully there with me though, and the energies were washed over by the light of the Spirit which she channels into her craft. So thankful I had that protection with me! Things turned out far better than they might have otherwise. Of all the many abilities Sam possesses and offers, her ShAmanae practice has been the most helpful for me. It is very important that we go back and face times in our lives that have had a lasting impact, good or bad, so that we may process these and work through them. Sam and her benevolent entities guided me back through difficult moments in my life and helped me to find closure and release for many of my traumas. Now I feel much lighter and am not carrying as many of these burdens around with me. I am able to go on with my life and face the world around me with greater clarity than I was able to before. This process is nothing less than a complete soul retrieval and I am grateful and honored to have been able to experience this with her. I feel that my inner child has indeed returned! Big thank you to Sam and all she is doing shining a light for our community! Aho, Soren
I've been struggling with depression and trauma my whole life with little help from many therapists. I've only known Sam Twohawks for a few weeks and she has made a really big difference. 
Rachel Gaspard
Sam is an amazing blessing to my family! Much love!
Nikki Presley
You are a blessing to Healing acres.you touched so many people at SPIRIT FEST. One lady said you saved her life. Thank you for all you do.
Charlotte Boutwell
  Thank you so much for all your kindness and help. The heart healing drumming you did is very powerful. The medicine stick is a light helping to show me back to my power. I have have done what you instructed about clearing out my parents house. With your healing I was able to step back into my power and release the fear I have been living in for months. The medicine stick became like a sparkler shooting out light and energy from the end as I did the ceremony to clear the house. I feel so very blessed to have been guided to meet you, such an amazing angel and healer. I am grateful. Thank you so much. Love & light - Leslie M  
Leslie M
Thank you so much for this stick. It was a pleasure getting to meet you today in Navarre, Florida. 
Nikita Walters
I made medicine sticks for my family and they sent the sweetest thank you card. I included the image and if you click on the name Guzzi Family you can see the beautiful card they sent.  Mvto/thank you!
Guzzi family
Sam Twohawks My life is a life of prayer. May the Winds of God return to you all that you have helped open within me. My Amanae Session has made me speechless. Surely the curtain of heaven has opened and the veil that concealed disappears - Catherine Phael
Cahterine Phael
I am lucky enough to have been a recipient of one of Sam Twohawks' prayers sticks. She is an amazing woman, blessed with beautiful and strong energy! <3 Check out her site - she is magic!
Kelli Lair
Sam2Hawks has helped me extensively physically and mentally through her treatments. I am going to talk about a couple of things she does but I have had everyone of her treatments and EVERYONE of them has helped me. I informed my doctor about all of my treatments I was going to receive and she is very receptive to me being treated like this. The first thing I received from Sam2Hawks was a stick reading. She keeps her readings written down so you may call her and ask her questions about the reading at any time. So far most of everything has already happened and a few things will happen when they are suppose to. I had an Amanae session with her.  My job and personal life were causing me so much stress I couldn't sleep at night. From that one session which is really intense or can be I have quit my medications, my leg doesn't hurt any more, my headaches have almost gone. She also has used a crystal light healing wand for my planter fascitis (sp)lol. I couldn't walk on my foot because my heal was so swollen and red. She used the wand on me ONE time and I was able to walk better than I have in a long time. I saw a doctor afterwards and he thought I was walking fine and he just wanted to give me some orthotics. No surgery, no medications, no shots.....woo hooooo. Ok so I could write all day but honestly I wouldn't keep allowing her to perform treatments if it didn't work but honestly I don't see stopping any time soon. She is very experienced and takes her healing abilities very serious so you can't go wrong! Good Healing and Namaste
Sometimes one gets more than they thought. This was the case with Sam's stick reading. It was extremely powerful I felt pushed by spirit to make major changes in my life and there was some turmoil that went with those changes. As a result, my choices are better and my life is getting happier. Thank you Sam 2 Hawks and your guides.
Sam made a beautiful prayer stick for me. The symbology, shape of the wood and general energy of the stick were a settling addition to the shamanic work I was doing at that time. Thanks so much, Sam, for your heart-centered and powerfully healing prayer sticks! Blessings, Sharon L Bousquet
Sharon Bousquet
I just love my prayer stick so much. It delights me every time I look at it or use it.  As soon as I put my finger on the triangle I felt the Entities of the Casa De Dom Inacio in my body (that's how I sense them).  And Sam's generosity is an even greater gift.  She gives from her heart, which runs deep and wide, like her Creek Bearing Gifts.  I'm so grateful to have met you, Sam.  You are living a life of such deep meaning and purpose.  Sharing it with us is a gift to the world.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Susan McKenna
Thank you for my amazing prayer stick, Sam.  It is not only beautifully crafted with wonderful drawings of totem animals and powerful sayings, it feels intimately designed for me.  It speaks to my heart and soul in ways completely unexpected and deeply profound.  My beautiful prayer stick lives on my altar and is a wonderful spiritual tool and a precious source of inspiriation and empowerment.  Your energy and artistry in my prayer stick is a true gift to me, Sam.
Suzanne Lawlor
Sam, I love my Prayer Stick and keep it on my table of rocks and gems that you have given me over the years . You have helped me in so many ways in life and will always be my Doc of real things in life and what it brings. You have an enormous heart and are loved by many, many animals and people. Love what you do for others!  I wish you all the best in whatever is ahead of you . Thanks for being my friend for 30 years. With bunches of love, and hugs! CCC
Calvin Copp
I have found many synchronicities working with Sam's prayer sticks.  The messages resonate strongly and have surprised me with their accuracy.  Not always easy, but definitely opens the way for Spirit / Soul level work and the challenges that come with growth in this area.  Thank you Sam for your hard work and dedication.  There is great spiritual power in your offerings.
David Morrey
I am so impressed with my prayer stick.  It is beautiful workmanship and she really hit home with the different things on it.  I will always cherish it.
Jackie Cumming
My prayer stick sits on my altar and I wake up to it each morning.  I pick it up often to remind myself to say a little prayer of gratitude and remind myself about who I am.  Sam is intuitive and so right on with what goes on the prayer sticks that you know she was connecting to the heart of you when she and Spirit created it.  Thanks Sam!
Jeanne Hollenbeck
I love my prayer stick!  Because Sam loves what she does and has such good intentions when she designs them, the energy of love, prayer and good wishes are in every one of them.  In the Native American way, I hold my prayer stick to invoke the Great Spirit to answer my prayers knowing they have been blessed and created to facilitate prayer.  Sam intuits the art and message, but even if you don't use them to pray, they are a stand alone work of art.  Her purpose and generosity are so strong she has gifted many of these.  Thank you, Sam.
Vi Garcia
The  prayer sticks that Sam creates have been powerful and supportive for me in ways that can not be fully expressed in words. When I first received my prayer stick in the mail I immediately felt the pulsing energy emanating from it. I felt all the love and care and attention to detail that was carved into the sacred piece of wood that has become a cherished treasure on my altar. When I feel like I need extra protection during my travels, I bring my prayer stick with me and I feel like I have extra guardians with me. My beautiful prayer stick has become a partner, a helper, and a protector during times of intensity and stress.  The prayers that are infused are heart centered, authentic, genuine and powerful. Sam is a gifted healer and I know that she puts her full heart into all that she creates. Sam is an instrument of God and her prayer sticks hold the vibration of pure love. I feel very confident that you will love yours too! Rev. Angela Mandato LMT, NCTMB Co-author of  "The Divine Power of E.D.G.E Everyday Grace Expressed"
Rev. Angela Mandato LMT, NCTMB
I love my prayer stick—Sam is right on with her channeling.  Besides being incredibly beautiful, it is helpful in validating so much of what I already know about my life. It’s like going to a psychic on a stick.  I know Sam worked long hours crafting each word and picture of my reading.  I bring my stick to workshops and other places where I feel I need support. The rest of the time it sits on my altar giving me comfort when I need it. Thank you to Sam for choosing to do the work you were sent here to do.
Pat Jackman