Sam2Hawks has helped me extensively physically and mentally through her treatments. I am going to talk about a couple of things she does but I have had everyone of her treatments and EVERYONE of them has helped me. I informed my doctor about all of my treatments I was going to receive and she is very receptive to me being treated like this.

The first thing I received from Sam2Hawks was a stick reading. She keeps her readings written down so you may call her and ask her questions about the reading at any time. So far most of everything has already happened and a few things will happen when they are suppose to.

I had an Amanae session with her.  My job and personal life were causing me so much stress I couldn't sleep at night. From that one session which is really intense or can be I have quit my medications, my leg doesn't hurt any more, my headaches have almost gone.

She also has used a crystal light healing wand for my planter fascitis (sp)lol. I couldn't walk on my foot because my heal was so swollen and red. She used the wand on me ONE time and I was able to walk better than I have in a long time. I saw a doctor afterwards and he thought I was walking fine and he just wanted to give me some orthotics. No surgery, no medications, no shots.....woo hooooo.

Ok so I could write all day but honestly I wouldn't keep allowing her to perform treatments if it didn't work but honestly I don't see stopping any time soon. She is very experienced and takes her healing abilities very serious so you can't go wrong!

Good Healing and Namaste